Stop telling people to stop. #alsicebucketchallenge

Ok naysayers, I can’t bite my tongue any longer. Stop telling people to stop dumping ice water on their heads.

If the real issue is that you are sad you didn’t get challenged and you feel this has something to do with you personally on that front, then consider yourself challenged by the BRW. I don’t want anyone to ever feel left out, even if they are obnoxious and annoying. And I’ll tell you what, there are a few people that if I could dump the ice water on their heads personally, I would donate more money to any cause to do that.

It is not wasting good clean drinking water. I got my water from my hose that my kids were going to waste on their slip ‘n slide anyway. So maybe my slip ‘n slide is wasting water. I’ll give you that. I should probably just have them come inside and play video games for the next 2 hours, that will benefit them and society much more in the long run I’m sure.

Mad because people are giving ALS and Peter Frates credit for the ice bucket challenge concept? Well don’t be because every documentary and legitimate article that has done their research on this has been transparent (as has the Frates family) that they did not originate the concept of the challenge. If anything, they took what was likely stupid shenanigans and made it into something productive. Hm, how often do you get the chance to do that?

This article on┬ásays “…a lot of the participants are probably spending more money on bagged ice than on ALS research.” That could totally be true. One person may go buy a bag of ice to do this challenge and choose not to donate. If you are trying to state that more money is being spent on ice than money RAISED for ALS research then you are stupid.

I’d also like to address the dangers of pouring ice water over your head. Actually, I don’t want to address that because if you think to make this fun and entertaining or even effective, you need to make sure your bucket is colder than the ice bath Gabrielle Reece dunked herself in, then you deserve a little frostbite to wear as a badge of honor for your stupidity. See above, where you also stated that more money is being spent on ice. But obviously, people, be smart with your body and what it can handle.

Then, there’s those who claim people are just waiting their turn to do something zany and the charity is an afterthought. So maybe that’s true, but did it not result in ALS awareness increasing by over 1000% and raising over $10 million? Can it maybe be okay for a few people to lose the grasp of the concept if it results in even $1 being raised for a charity or one new person becoming aware of a disease they had never heard of? Answer that question and try to see if you can even make yourself say no. And if you can say no, consider yourself kind of an asshole.

You want people to just randomly decide to give money to a cause? If people were capable of that, then none of these are necessary: Obliteride, Race for the Cure, MS Walk, Livestrong, etc. etc. We have our own personal causes but we ask our friends to give to them. We ask and some people answer. It’s how it is, it’s all we can do for each other. Every charity is trying to do something unique and fun and entertaining to get people involved. What’s wrong with that and what the eff is wrong with you?! Eventually, this will die down and the hype will end. Until then, let’s make a little money and have a little fun.

You over the #alsicebucketchallenge? I’m over all the “delicious” kale smoothie recipes saturating my Pinterest feed. At least one of these raised a little bit of cash.