The Shiksa gets a lot of attention in our society. We all have those Hebrew school friends we grew up with that ended up marrying a non Jewish girl…(insert whisper: the shiksa). And I’m not sure if there is an equivalent to the non Jews for a boy who marries a Jewish girl…I think that’s just because they don’t have the benefit of a secret language like Yiddish. But luckily, there is a name for Trophy Husband among the Jews. He’s a shaygetz – a non Jewish boy married to a Jewish girl…(insert whisper: oy vey).

Shaygetz don’t get as much attention as shiksas. I think that has something to do with the fact that the Jewish grandmothers are content knowing a Jewish woman is still in the kitchen (they clearly don’t know me). But man, being a Jewish girl and marrying outside the tribe has resulted in some doozies. Like the time I received a Hanukkah gift from TH’s relative that was a porcelain soap dispenser in the shape of a Christmas tree. Or when TH received a book wrapped in this:

wrapping paper

Actually, this was the paper on a gift to TH from my mom who was giving him a Christmas present. She was trying to “be Christmas-y.” He saw it and said, “That’s the most goyishe wrapping paper I’ve ever seen.” (side note: definition of goyishe)

I’ve also noticed the quite pleasant tradition of walking into any dinner party and immediately being handed an alcoholic drink rather than a knish. Priorities. And imagine my excitement when we had this for dinner one night:


I mean, I had NO idea it was actually a spiral until I saw it in person. I literally yelled across the room to TH and said, “OMG it really is a spiral!” Get that shaygetz¬†more alcohol and give that girl a knish to shut her up!

While we are talking about food, be careful about talking about food. An announcement was made at a Shabbat dinner where TH’s relative announced her rolls were so good because she made them with lard. Um…if it ain’t Fleischmann’s…it ain’t Kosher. I jest…but not really.

I personally think TH handles being a shaygetz pretty well. Most people think he’s Jewish anyway. He doesn’t have a workbench in our garage (as he shouldn’t, he’s trophy), he likes gefilte fish (ugh), and he enjoys using the term “chutzpah” in a sentence…but who doesn’t?!

We’ll see if he ever converts. He’s considering it, mostly because he really wants to have a Bar Mitzvah (Mazel Tov!) so he can have a Bar Mitzvah party in Las Vegas (such mishegoss).