Takes the cake.

It would probably be faux pas or at least not very BRW of me to not post on TH and 2.0’s birthdays. Last year, you were all informed of my attempt to make TH’s favorite cake: the simple chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. Because of my serious lack of cake decorating abilities and my impatience to wait for the cake to cook before frosting it, it was a debacle and I ended up with a very random Easter cake from the store (see Git ‘er done). Like I’ve mentioned, TH loves grocery store sheet cake, so it’s pretty easy for me to just go pick one up and call it a day. But for some reason, I can’t. It’s like I’m determined to get him to love fancier cakes. By fancier, I mean he can still have the chocolate and white frosting, I just want it from a really good bakery. For those of you in Chicago, think Sweet Mandy B’s, YUM! So this year, I ordered his cake from PinkaBella Cupcakes, we’ll see how it goes. And yes, the writing is in Broncos colors.

Cake Cake2



An Ode to the Onion Man.


Twas a rainy day in Seattle,

I would not win the stay-dry battle.

With 3.0 in tow, I still had to go,

To therapy I had to skedaddle.

Oh with your steep streets and hills,

Downtown your history be stills.

Many a step, a ramp don’t bet,

Making strollers hassles not thrills.

Up I went, lifting and tugging,

One man standing, his coffee chugging.

Another walked by, was he shy?

Because no one helped my lugging.

Skip to scene two, now down I go,

When going up, down is next I know.

Three more, men out the door,

This is about to be a shit show.

But then he came out of nowhere

Lady, you need help, stop right there.

A smile, tattoos, wearing no shoes (oh Seattle),

While toting onions in tupperware.

How is it with 3?


When I see someone for the first time since having 3.0, they ask, “How is it with 3?” How is it? I never know what to say. For some reason, I can’t succinctly put into words “how it is with 3.” It is life with 3 kids. Luckily for me, I came across a post today that sums up how life is with 3. Although not succinct (because life with any is not succinct), this post answers their question…I hope, so I don’t have to.

The Truth About Having a Third Child – Part II

The war on asparagus.

In the spirit of banning things people find offensive (i.e. the word “bossy”), I have instituted a ban on asparagus. It is offensive to my olfactory sense. As if peeing itself wasn’t an inconvenience already.

This ban has perimeters. TH is allowed to consume asparagus under the following circumstances:

1. When he orders something and the vegetable is not listed in the dish but shows up anyway.

2. If he is out of town without me and the consumption occurs 24 hours prior to any risk of us sharing a toilet.

If consumption occurs out of politeness (think dinner party), he is quarantined to use the kids potty for 24 hours.

I hope I’m not being too bossy.

Weird blog science.

Well, in my race for power and glory, I forgot one small detail…I forgot to write an anniversary post.

weird science

Click on picture for reference

 And while we are at it, just watch how awesome this shit is:

By the way, anyone else think Lisa from the movie looks like Lisa from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

So here’s my anniversary post!

Why do I blog?
Awhile ago, my friends and family were noticing that I was overly critical and judgmental to the point where it just annoyed the crap out of them. My two best friends even had an intervention that consisted of them looking at me and saying, “Stop complaining about everything.” Though I didn’t receive it well at the time (because though I dish criticism, I can’t take it…rejection, however, I’m a pro at soaking up…go figure), I appreciate now that my complaining was taking a toll on them. It was confirmed when my siblings started using the phrase, “Save it for the blog,” whenever I’d start to go off on something.

So I started saving it all for a blog. I started a blog a few years ago so I could feel free to complain. I never published that blog because I noticed it was annoying me to constantly bitch about things. At the point your negativity is annoying yourself, you really begin to understand how those around you feel. Instead of continuing to write that blog, I switched gears and realized I wanted to just write and get ideas or thoughts out of my head. I set out for a venue in which to spew (I love this word as you know by now) these thoughts and maybe entertain myself so that my friends and family didn’t have to be at the receiving end of my chatter unless they so chose to be. (Side note: that was a run on sentence). (Second side note: TH doesn’t get to chose whether he wants to be on the receiving end because he not only has to read every post I write, whether published or not, but he also has to hear every peripheral thought in my head – mostly because I talk to myself out loud and he’s usually within hearing distance.)

My posts tend to be pretty ad hoc and disjointed. This blog doesn’t really have a theme or a genre. Some people refer to it as a mommy blog. That makes sense since a lot of times I’m speaking from my perspective or experiences as a mom. It’s interesting, though, because I don’t see it as a mommy blog per se. I think that is because I don’t see myself as just a mom. Unfortunately, when you are a stay at home mom, you tend to be drawn into that being your only identity. It’s understandable, but not necessarily preferable. Apart from the judgments or societal opinions on stay at home versus working moms, when you stay at home and your life becomes abundantly about other people, it’s easy to fall into an identity based solely on that responsibility. It’s as if all your accomplishments and education prior to to those bundles being born get stored in a vault that only you know about. But if it’s easier to call it a mommy blog, then label away! I have enough identity issues I can talk to my therapist about, so the labeling of my blog doesn’t even scratch the surface…chump change.

But I really hope, over time, to start writing posts that speak to the readers in a meaningful way. Let’s be honest, I’ve already broken the seal by delving into one hot button issue: the minivan. I still want to entertain you with the ridiculous situations I find myself in and the weird things I witness; but I also hope to inform you on my opinions in case you find any information I have meaningful, helpful or at least entertaining. Even more importantly, I love receiving information from others and hearing opinions from “the other side” of an argument. I love debates; but more specifically, I love educated discussions that really open your mind and give you new knowledge. I have no desire to push my politics, opinions or beliefs on anyone; however, I value hearing about others’ politics and beliefs. I hope that by sharing mine, we are opening a dialogue that benefits us all. When it comes down to it, it’s about truly listening, engaging and respecting others.

So hopefully over time I’ll get a little more personal (as if laughing out a baby wasn’t personal enough for you). In the meantime, I’m going to do a plug for some blogs I really enjoy reading. Most of these are blogs of people I know and I love to support their efforts. And a couple are just ones I’ve come across. So enjoy!