Laughing out baby.

I’m so excited to announce the launch of 3.0. We had a baby girl! She came a little early which maybe threw off some schedules and plans but was a welcome surprise (as was that she was a girl since I was convinced there was a boy in there). When she came out, the doctor hadn’t even announced what she was when she held her up and I saw. So I believe I was the one to announce it when I said, “It’s a girl? Oh my gosh, it’s a girl!” I was seriously looking for a penis and just couldn’t find one.

I know blogging is supposed to be very personal and that’s why people are drawn to certain posts, but I’m actually going to refrain from the details of labor and delivery. It feels like such a private moment for me and TH that I just don’t feel right writing about it.

That being said, I can’t birth a child and not have at least one story I want to share.

When my cervix was complete and the baby had labored down, it was time to push. I cannot for the life of me remember what was said at that moment, but someone said something that made me laugh really hard. So have you ever laughed really hard and farted with each little exhale chuckle? Well, if you haven’t, I have to say, it’s quite possibly the funniest thing ever and leads to more laughing and more farting. Anyway, it’s been kind of an unfortunate theme with pregpocolypse #3 and even happened the night before I went into labor. Point of this is, sometimes when you laugh, it puts a bit of pressure on your lower abdomen and pelvic floor. And I unintentionally proved that theory. Whatever that person said right before delivery, they said it as my contraction was starting and I was told to push. I instead started laughing, which resulted in unintentional pushing and the baby’s head started to crown. I got nervous actually because I wasn’t doing what they said to do so I asked if everything was okay. The doctor’s response was beautiful:

“Go ahead, let’s laugh this baby out.”

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