Yeah Yeah, I had a baby…but the big news is the BRONCOS are going to the SUPERBOWL!!!

Unfortunately, when I posted “Superbowl!!!” as my FB status, many people assumed I was excited because Seattle was going…but if they paid attention to the timing of the post, I wrote it right after the AFC Championship game, before the NFC game.

I couldn’t ask for a better matchup. My favorite team playing my resident team. I’m admittedly not a true Seahawks fan yet. I like them and cheer for them since they are my “home” team, but obviously, when playing a team I care about (which only includes the Broncos and the Bears), they take second place.

But I have to comment on how fun it is that people around here are so excited. That being said, there is still a little quirkiness going on…like when my doctor said he doesn’t follow NFL football because they are all thugs and criminals…or how TH wore his Broncos jersey while jogging down the main street of our city the day after the playoffs and received no hoots, hollers or honks. The PNW doesn’t like to be predictable, I’ll give it that.

We have a tradition of going to Las Vegas for the Superbowl for a couple of reasons: 1) Because it provides a high energy atmosphere regardless of who is playing, so if we don’t care about the teams, we can at least participate in some fun bets and feed off the energy of other people cheering for a team; and 2) In an effort to get me to sleep with him in college, TH invited me to Superbowl XXXII Broncos v. Packers (you can see how it was pretty easy for him to make Trophy status), where we stayed in Vegas over the weekend and then flew to San Diego the morning of the game. It was my first ever Vegas trip and I was sold…I.Love.Vegas….so it’s kind of a tradition now.

But this year, due to the arrival of 3.0 we are staying in our fair Pacific Northwest city. This is great because we get to be around people and in a city where they are invested in the outcome as well (just the wrong outcome).

Oh and can I comment on all this Peyton Omaha business…it’s been so hard keeping my mouth shut. As noted in a previous post: Get right to the heart that matters…I state that Peyton Manning says Omaha a lot. He’s been saying it for years but it took until the playoffs for the media to make a stink and make Omahans sound unfortunate. “Omaha thanks Peyton Manning”? Let’s go easy on representing all of Omaha here (but real quick, the Omaha Steaks tweet was pretty funny). However, I just learned that a bunch of Omaha-based companies/businesses pledged to donate money to Manning’s charity, Peyback Foundation, every time he yelled “Omaha” or as he says it, “Oma-Ha!”. The result from the AFC Championship game was $24,800. Good on ya, Omahans! I like that they turned what I thought was stupid hype into a meaningful venture. And note, native Omaha peeps, that DJ’s Dugout (where Scorecard used to reside…shout out to all the B’nai Mitzvah parties held there in 1990…where I won MANY a hoola hoop contest) was among these major companies as a participant! Whether that was publicity to boost their patronage doesn’t really matter since money went to charity. I’d hands down go there to watch a game next time.

We could also talk about Richard Sherman, but I’d slap myself if I did because I’m so sick of hearing about it.

So, on to Superbowl XXMCLwhateverVIII…okay, XLVIII!!!

As my father-in-law would say…Go Donkeys.

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