Git ‘er done.

My brother-in-law (“B”) asked for a little more clarification as to what a Blue Ribbon Wife is. He got the “first place” concept but needed me to use it in a sentence (or, as I am doing, in a post). A Blue Ribbon Wife is defined by many characteristics which will come up at some point throughout the blog both physical and non-physical; but mostly defined by her actions. See below:

My husband and son share a birthday; but since my son is still young and gets a party with a cake, I let my husband pick the cake we celebrate with at home. It’s the same every year: grocery store-bought chocolate cake with white frosting. So as a BRW (putting in the effort and thought), I decided I was going to make the cake this year, the night before. I wish to G-d (oh, I’m Jewish, btw) I had taken a picture of what ensued that night I made the cake. But not only does this show you what it looked like (the second or third cake is the best representation), but this commercial came on literally 10 minutes after my debacle: Cool Whip Frosting Commercial

So that didn’t work out. The next morning, which was the birthdays, I ran to the grocery store. Now, I know that the chocolate cake/white frosting combo is just particular enough that most stores don’t carry more than one (if even that) ready to purchase.

I present grocery store chocolate cake with white frosting:

Happy Birthday to my boys…but mostly, Happy Easter.

B, that is a Blue Ribbon Wife. 

Gettin’ the job done.

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  1. Takes the cake. | The Blue Ribbon Wife

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