Takes the cake.

It would probably be faux pas or at least not very BRW of me to not post on TH and 2.0’s birthdays. Last year, you were all informed of my attempt to make TH’s favorite cake: the simple chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. Because of my serious lack of cake decorating abilities and my impatience to wait for the cake to cook before frosting it, it was a debacle and I ended up with a very random Easter cake from the store (see Git ‘er done). Like I’ve mentioned, TH loves grocery store sheet cake, so it’s pretty easy for me to just go pick one up and call it a day. But for some reason, I can’t. It’s like I’m determined to get him to love fancier cakes. By fancier, I mean he can still have the chocolate and white frosting, I just want it from a really good bakery. For those of you in Chicago, think Sweet Mandy B’s, YUM! So this year, I ordered his cake from PinkaBella Cupcakes, we’ll see how it goes. And yes, the writing is in Broncos colors.

Cake Cake2



2 thoughts on “Takes the cake.

  1. English birthday cake is not delicious. So I keep making my kids’ birthday cakes. There was the DIY Funfetti that turned the batter grey. Then there was the time my 3-year-old helped with his baby brother’s cake, which ended up reading “Happy birthdy.” I will never bake again once we move to America.

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