An Ode to the Onion Man.


Twas a rainy day in Seattle,

I would not win the stay-dry battle.

With 3.0 in tow, I still had to go,

To therapy I had to skedaddle.

Oh with your steep streets and hills,

Downtown your history be stills.

Many a step, a ramp don’t bet,

Making strollers hassles not thrills.

Up I went, lifting and tugging,

One man standing, his coffee chugging.

Another walked by, was he shy?

Because no one helped my lugging.

Skip to scene two, now down I go,

When going up, down is next I know.

Three more, men out the door,

This is about to be a shit show.

But then he came out of nowhere

Lady, you need help, stop right there.

A smile, tattoos, wearing no shoes (oh Seattle),

While toting onions in tupperware.

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