My Space

MySpace may have been some sort of awesome social networking site (was it awesome? is it still around?) but all I remember about it was that a friend of a friend used to post pictures of herself in a bikini doing a hand stand.  That was weird.

Now, the term My Space has a whole new meaning. As a mother of two plus a dog, I have discovered there is no where for me to go inside my house where someone can’t get to me and bug me.  I don’t have My Space.  I know so many moms that long for an hour or two alone, but I mean really alone, so that means in their own house, not at Starbucks or even the spa where other people are around or tending to you, but ALONE! What I’ve discovered is that even when both kids are in school for a few hours a day, I am using that time to get errands done.  Or let’s say I’m not doing errands, then I’m either folding laundry, preparing a meal, cleaning up toys, doing email, etc.  The list of things to do goes on and on. But I never really just sit quietly…alone.

So this morning, the cute little loves decided at the exact same time to bust out into a combo cry/whine (oh yeah, you know the sound, the sound that gives the most annoying sound in the world in “Dumb and Dumber” a run for its money) about disliking their breakfast.  I immediately went into the bathroom and locked the door.  It was My Space.  When I “heard” the all clear (aka, no sound at all), I emerged.  One was eating her breakfast with a scowl (success!), the other was standing at the door waiting for me to come out and give him a squeeze.  Oh that’s so cute!  All he wanted was a squeeze! Yep, a Plum Mashups fruit squeeze, the blueberry kind, g-d forbid the strawberry/banana one.  Now they are happily disengaged in front of the TV.

Hence the revival of My Space.

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