Top 5

I just might be turning into an adult, slowly but surely. This is evidenced by the fact that I can no longer bring myself to watch Vampire Diaries (my sister is devastated), despite the fact that Ian Somerhalder is in my Top 5 (and so is Nina Dobrev…she’s just in a different Top 5). I seriously thought the show was fabulous the first couple of seasons and I looked forward to it. But I can’t do it anymore. Something inside of me has changed. It just may be a bit of maturity creeping in. I was wondering when it would happen. At 35, it was bound to happen. For me, it presented itself with the disappearance of CW shows on my TiVo. I know for others it presents itself in other forms. If I ever switch from cafe mochas to lattes or even straight espresso, I think we can officially call me a mature adult. But until then, I’m still just showing signs.

Back to Ian (because why not?!). He actually made an appearance in the Top 5 back when he appeared in Life as a House. Simultaneously, Hayden Christensen made his appearance. His ranking maintained for awhile because of the resurgence of Star Wars. And like most girls born in the 70’s, I grew up loving Star Wars. But it was Hayden’s presence in Life as a House coupled with the fact that the soundtrack included a Guster song (as well as the dog’s name being Guster) that did me in. Hayden has since been replaced by Kyle Chandler, or Coach Taylor as he is lovingly known to us FNL fans. Now, Kyle actually caught my eye when he played the bomb squad guy in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (another show I just abandoned mid-season this year). Spoiler Alert: He blew up. It was super emotional.

So the current standings are:
1. Christian Bale – I mean, I really could just stop after that. Yes, he’s got anger management issues, but I’m not going for personality here, this is purely physical – which should help put my husband at ease.
2. Ian Somerhalder – I know he’s a little “pretty”.
3. Justin Timberlake – Of course. The best part about him being in the Top 5 is I have dreams about him all the time. In a sense, I’ve already hooked up with him, so we could call it a day.
4. Kyle Chandler – Coach.
5. Brad Pitt/George Clooney – Now, here’s where it gets tricky. Brad was the original Top 5, he started the Top 5 and he was #1-#5. This was circa 1991, classic Thelma and Louise. So I feel he deserves an honorary spot. That being said, I need the sophistication of a salt ‘n pepper gentleman for diversity; and since Sean Connery was just pushing it, I decided George Clooney should be granted the spot. This was motivated by another dream I had where he was obsessed with me. So essentially, he is in the Top 5 and Brad just holds an honorary place.

So as you can see, I’m showing signs of maturity as we speak.

Just for your reference:
I mean, the picture on the right makes me laugh too Christian.
Oops, I mean…
 Just kidding… 
You’re handsome…No, you are.

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