Sticky Tape…Really?!

Yes, that is my light fixture protruding out of the wall, revealing sticky tape as the source for mounting.

Really?! Sticky tape? You used sticky tape to mount a light fixture? A light fixture that is placed directly above someone’s head? Someone who is likely to be under that fixture 2x a day, assuming that the least they do is brush their teeth in the morning and night? Sticky tape? Really?! Sticky tape you claim to be “mounting tape,” for the purpose of which is to mount things like poster board? Sticky tape to mount a fixture made of glass and mirror? Glass that just sits like a waffling bowl in the fixture not secured to anything? A fixture that has 2 really hot halogen bulbs that do no less than blind you the minute the unsecured frosted glass tips out of the falling fixture? Really?! Sticky tape to mount a fixture that if by chance does fall, will be hanging by a thread of sorts? A thread laced with electrical current that is now dangling over the head of a person using water for every day sanitary purposes?  Really?! Sticky tape? Sticky tape?! For a light fixture?!

My faith in humanity has been crushed right before my blinded-by-halogen-bulbs eyes.

PS-the fixture on the left fell 3 weeks later, revealing…sticky tape. Points for consistency.

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