Top 5 Amendment 1

I’m excited to share some news with you. I am ratifying an amendment to the Top 5.

Like I mentioned with regards to Justin Timberlake, my Top 5 tends to be reconfirmed through my dreams. George Clooney was introduced by way of dream. And I’m noticing a trend as my amendment is being prompted by yet another dream.

Last night, I went prom dress shopping with my date, who happened to be Adam Levine. In a very Pretty Woman way, I got to try on any dress or shoes I wanted. I even miraculously looked hot in everything I tried on (this is where someone appropriately inserts, “in your dreams”). And Adam was so cute and fun. We didn’t even make out, but I could tell he was really into me and excited about the whole going to prom with me scenario. So…he’s in!

Um, NO!
And if I were a 10 year old, this may be my G rated version of Adam.
I’d also like to welcome him as the first Jewish member of the Top 5 (in a group that bears the name Christian and once, Christensen). I knew I’d get back to my roots eventually.
Oh and so the question is, who’s out? Well, since it’s my own personal constitution that I get to amend at will, technically, no one is out because Adam is Amendment 1. However, I wouldn’t be opposed to sticking with the format and having both Brad and George move to “honorary” in order to make room for Adam. 
And then, by the way, my dream was interrupted when Elizabeth Moss came in to try dresses too and I went to say hello and she snubbed me…rude.

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