Oh sheet.

I did something today that not only have I never done but I would absolutely make fun of anyone who does do it (and I still will). I ironed the top part of my bed sheets. I had to. They have gotten so wrinkled on the edge that they have lost color in those creases (you can see that in the pics). I couldn’t be more against something like this. It is a complete waste of time, energy and education. However, they have been wrinkled for 8 years and I was on the verge of either taking them to the dry cleaner or buying new ones, both of which are more uneconomical that just sucking it up and ironing them. Also, this has NOTHING to do with this weird tick I have where I run the edges of sheets in between my finger and my finger nail.

Here are the before and after pictures:


I won’t say the experience was better or more satisfying than an orgasm (that’s against the Blue Ribbon Religion), but it certainly took longer from start to finish.

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