It’s a trivial pursuit.

Exactly! It just occurred to me. The game, Trivial Pursuit, is exactly that. I all of a sudden feel so much better. For the longest time I was so passionately against the game Trivial Pursuit. I just never won and it pissed me off.  Yes, I get competitive and like to win, but usually I am a good sport.  NOT with Trivial Pursuit.  I felt stupid playing it and was annoyed that people would gloat over knowing some completely random facts that mean nothing to anyone unless they are playing Trivial Pursuit. So I was against playing it. Wouldn’t do it. Couldn’t handle the gloating, the constant rejection. But mostly, I hated not being able to get one of those pies out when you accidentally put it in the wrong way! But now that it has totally occurred to me that the makers of the game named it as such so that someone like me would understand that it’s trivial, worthless information that people win with, it’s official…I still won’t play the fucking game.

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