Happy Jew Year (I mean, New Year)!

Well I, for one, am very happy to start the year anew. Good ol’ 5774 for my tribal members. Tonight we’ve got the Broncos v. Ravens as the NFL season opener in Denver…ignore those of us davening during halftime. (Ha, autocorrect wanted to change that word to “raven-ing”…um, not cool to us Jewish Broncos fans, although hopefully that’s what the Broncos do to the birds tonight!)

But for this Israelite tribe member, there are even more exciting things for this coming new year: I am officially back on the Starbucks mocha track. (see Happy Mother’s Day…Again!)

There is a bit of a tweak, the pregpocalypse mocha entails 2% milk and whipped cream (don’t EVER judge a pregnant person for her whipped cream). Speaking of whipped cream, I find it makes sense to always have it on hand. I may not have milk, bread or eggs, but whipped cream is a staple in this household. And with the weather out here turning all Fall on me immediately after Labor Day, this version of my daily mocha feels appropriate. So now I can officially wallow in the Seattle overcast with my cliche (honestly, can’t figure out how to put the stupid accent over the e here) Starbucks.

Luckily, because of my rule that pregnant people do not fast, I will be enjoying this mocha on Yom Kippur as well…repenting as I drink.

And in all seriousness, L’Shana Tovah.

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