The bottom line.

So I’ve been known for pausing the TiVo on ridiculous frames by coincidence. To name a couple: a topless male vampire slayer from Vampire Diaries tied to a bed (sadly, not of Ian) and a vagina from Orange is the New Black. Unfortunately, I don’t have proof of the aforementioned still frames. But I wised up for my most recent TiVo pause and took a picture of the frame I was lucky enough to capture:


I pause the TV to either pish (a total inconvenience) or get dessert (a pleasure). This particular moment was to actually go do both. But I was immediately sidelined when I saw this still frame (as were many of the Broncos or Ravens I’m sure). I took a picture and promptly sent it to Trophy Husband. He’s at the game so I ASSUME he doesn’t have the pleasure of this view. TiVo gets extra props for the bottom line.

Note: All puns intended.

But don’t worry, after I sent this, I immediately sent him a picture of 3.0 from our ultrasound this week.

I gotta go, I really need to pishi and get some ice cream.

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