Droppin’ status, pounds and other things.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted! Mostly due to what I’m referring to as the asshole virus…you can figure that one out. I’m not not above getting sick every so often, but this bout was weird. Usually, a stomach bug lasts like 1-2 days. I’m going on day 4. But it’s doing amazing things for my weekly weigh-in at Weight Watchers.

However, I have not had my Starbucks in 4 days, which is not doing amazing things for anyone around me. Oh, and the fact that I love to eat and that’s the one thing I’m unable to do right now. In 4 days I have had 6 pieces of toast, 10 crackers and two bowls of chicken noodle soup, accompanied by a gallon of Gatorade. I feel fully prepped for a colonoscopy without having to drink the liquid metal.

I have been less than blue ribbon for sure around here. If there was a status above trophy, TH would earn it. He’s essentially been taking care of everything, including me, and he even hosted a barbecue at our house for his work friends. Meanwhile, it is not lost on me that I’ve been bed-ridden during what happens to be the most beautiful weekend and week in Seattle thus far in 2014. It’s also not lost on me that I heard the dog throwing up somewhere in the house (as I mention in my About section) while I was indisposed and I have yet to locate the scene 4 hours later.

In other news, I was in bed while 2.0 (who has been a self-imposed vegetarian since he started solids) asked TH to make him a cheeseburger with a fried egg on top. HOLY SHIT! That’s awesome, it’s like one of my favorite foods in the world and 2.0 ate it. When I came down and asked him about it, he said he loved it, only next time could he have it without the burger part….and scene.


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