No, not a Prius. Not a car at all. Words. Hybrid words. I have a bizarre disdain for them. I have no idea where this passionate dislike stems from. I do know that I discovered this distaste when introduced to the word “ridonculous.” And ha! Spell check doesn’t even have a correction for that because IT’S A STUPID WORD!!!!! Who coined it? I need to know. I’m gonna do some research, I’ll be right back.

Oh wait, turns out it’s “ridonkulous.” Even dumber because this implies something to do with a donkey and there is nothing that has to do with a donkey here unless you are discussing what a jack ass of a word it is. At least some hybrid words are an actual combination of 2 words that have a relationship. Like “ginormous.” OMG, I literally gag when I write or read these. I mean, the definition says ginormous is circa 1948. Loss of respect immediately for that generation…no need for that RIDICULOUSNESS.

Staycation – no.

Fantabulous – no.

Chillax – don’t ever say this to me.

Liger – well, that’s just freakin’ funny.

Yes, I did once, in a post, use the term “hangry.” Let me be clear, I did not coin that term, nor do I support it. I was merely giving a shout out to a friend. It actually gives me a feeling in my mouth that is a combination of hair and metal from a hanger. So clearly, it goes on the list.

Now this all being said, you may have noticed I like to use words that are not necessarily official words, such as heinosity. This is totally different. I don’t mind new words as long as they are not ridonkulous hybrids.

Feel free to let me know of any others I missed (any that you like or share a disdain for); although I need some time to prepare Trophy Husband for the amount of vomit that will spew as I read each word.

5 thoughts on “Hybrids.

  1. What’s liger? Can we add ‘woot woot’ and ‘boo’ when it’s used to imply ‘bummer’ even though they aren’t hybrids? Woot woot, chillax, boo and staycation may be my worst favorite words (or made up words or connotations) ever in existence. Now I may puke.

    • Liger is a reference from Napoleon Dynamite (it’s Lion/Tiger hybrid). And we can absolutely open this up to any words that invoke a physical or emotional reaction.

  2. How do you feel about hybrid names? Kimye – Brangelina – TomKat – Bennifer – Speidi…..I mean really!

  3. Liebster Award. | The Blue Ribbon Wife

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